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A Chest of Fictional Maps

2" x 3" x 1 1/2"
What with fantasy novels and table-top and role playing games, amateur cartography is more popular now than it's ever been in history. Novelists in particular have often delighted their readers with endpaper maps. I've collected thirteen such maps, rolled them up, and put them in a pretty wood and leather case.

The maps are:
   Treasure Island - Robert Lewis Stevenson
   Barsetshire - Anthony Trollope
   Gulliver's Maps - Jonathan Swift
   The Land of Kadigan - Pat Sweet
   Ocean-Chart - Lewis Carroll
   Poictesme - James Branch Cabell
   Utopia - Sir Thomas More
   The Pilgrim's Progress - Sir Thomas More
   Mercury - E. R. Eddison
   Fairyland - Bernard Sleigh
The chest is made of varnished (but unstained) mahogany with triangular brass decorations on the sides The chest has inserts of dark blue kid leather taken from an antique glove. I've used the three points on the glove to add some textural interest to the inserts. There is a pull out shelf that reveals a hidden compartment in the bottom of the chest.

This product was added to our catalog  May 21, 2017