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Miniature Maps From "Atlas spheroidal & universel de geographie"  F.A. Garnier,  Veuve Jules Renouard, 1862

3 1/8" x 1 5/8" x 1 3/16", and the maps are 3 3/8" x 2 3/4"

Garnier's set of continental maps were ground-breaking for their depiction of the land masses on a rounded globe. This spheroidal presentation made the relative size of the continents as clear as possible while keeping the flat map form. This set of Garnier's maps by the Bo Press contains each map in a small portfolio lined with a white and metallic filigree paper, and the six portfolios and the box that holds them are bound in a blue and white hand-marbled paper by Jemma Lewis, who makes the most beautiful marbled paper in the world (IMHO).

The box is topped with a tiny antiqued brass crown and a hand-made wooden terrestrial globe covered with paper gores.

This product was added to our catalog March 22.2017