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An Edwardian Explorer's Library

2 5/8" x 2 1/2 x 1 3/4"

This art nouveau (shading into art deco) portable library contains an extensive collection of materials concerning travel and exploration. The eleven books include classics of the genre like  the "Travels" of ibn Batuta, "First Footsteps in East Africa" by Richard Burton, and the "Principal Navigations' of Richard Hakluyt. There are also books on the more practical matters of rough travel, such as "Snakes of Sumatra" by D.G.P. Wilkes and Vesey's "Dictionary of Tropical Rashes". All the books are blank inside.

The lower shelf holds a secretaire with some more personal belongings of the trunk's former owner:. a pair of spectacles, a journal and a book of field notes, some letters in their envelopes ,telegrams, and an envelope filled with bank notes.

The lid of the trunk holds a portfolio of maps, and the trunk's false bottom contains maps of a more unexpected nature.

This product was added to our catalog April 2, 2018