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A Victorian Vampire Hunter's Trunk and Working Library.

2 1/2" x 3" x 2"
A rustic 19th century vampire hunter's domed  trunk, fully equipped and including a technical and historical research library. The trunk is constructed of stained walnut with bronze guards and bosses, lined with paper printed with weathered barnwood.  The trunk contains:

    - a map folder containing several eastern European maps.
    - ten reference books concerning vampires and other monstrous entities, including
           Ex Eo In Fabulan Lamia
           Thalaba the Destroyer  - Southey
           Vestiti armatura creaturae - D. F. G. Sanbural
            Zuge der Untoten  - V. F. Bilg
            Memoirs  - A. van Helsing
- and several more. The books are printed inside, but the text is undecipherable.
    - a fold-out tray holding a bottle of holy water, a bottle of (presumably) vampire blood, three labeled test tubes a  journal of the
       former owner, a small mirror, a cross, a head of garlic, and  compass.
    -a set of six deluxe wooden stakes with plum jasper handles in a box marked "Des Piquets de Bois Specioux" a wooden                 mallet, a crowbar, a pistol in a leather holster, a pair of binoculars, and a tin box containing letters, telegrams,
        some  pound  notes, and a pair of spectacles.

The trunk has two (non-working) padlocks and a bronze label in the front. All in all, a nice and complete specimen of a working vampire hunter's tools from the Victorian era.

This product was added to our catalog May 30, 2017