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Fixation: The Art of Johniene Papandreas

2" x 2", and the slipcase is 2 1/4" x 2 1/8"
62 pages
Limited to 100 copies

‘I find the darker passions most compelling…grief,  jealousy, loss, fear.They are our familiars . . emotions that rule us even as we fight to hold them in check.’

Johniene  Papandreas has long been inspired by the paintings of past masters, particularly their renditions of the ecstatic and the terrible. Mining the paintings of Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite artists, Papandreas disinters her subjects from their long-ago contextual worlds to re-imagine them in an alternate emotional life. The resulting portraits telegraph the emotional energy of her subjects through the fleeting micro-expressions that usually escape conscious recognition but which register viscerally, leaving the viewer transfixed, locked with the subject in an almost intrusive intimacy.

The paintings are presented as a series of ingenious fold-outs linked together by haiku-like commentary. It is printed on Mohawk Superfine paper and bound and slipcased in black silk moire. A detail of one the paintings is inset into the front cover.

See more of Ms. Papandreas' paintings on her website: www.voy-art.com

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