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The Irish Triads



2 1/8" x 3"
148 pages, with slipcase
An edition of 50

“Triads occur sporadically in the literature of most other nations, and have occasionally been collected. But I am not aware that this kind of composition has ever attained the same popularity elsewhere as in Wales and Ireland, where the manufacture of triads seems at times almost to have become a sport.”                         - Kuno Meyer

Mr. Meyer collected and translated many of the well-known Irish triads in the 19th century, but for all we know, he missed thousands of others. The best may have been born and been forgotten around campfires and in pubs during the last 1000 years, but I've taken the ones I think best, or funniest, or most biting and dipped a small cupful out of this vast and bottomless Celtic well.

Three deaths that are better than life: the death of a salmon, the death of a fat pig, the death of a robber.

Three ruins of a tribe:  a lying chief, a false judge, a lustful priest.

Three smiles that are worse than sorrow: the smile of the snow as it melts, the smile of your wife on you after another man has been with her, the smile of a hound ready to leap at you.

The book is printed on Monarch superfine paper and Schoellershammer Glama Natural clear paper, and bound in Strathmore Laid White text weight paper. The binding has three raised circles that match the three punched holes in tags that turn up randomly through the text, both echoing the idea of triads that runs so deeply in Celtic history.The triskelion on the translucent slipcase continues the thought.

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