A Knight In Armor

2 1/4" x 1 1/2"
114 pages, 48 illustrations

No phrase is quite so evocative of the Middle Ages in Europe than 'a knight in shining armor.' This book follows the arming, or as Shakespeare called it, the 'accomplishing' ,of a knight:  from the medieval underwear called braies, through the many padded layers of wool and linen that absorbed the blows of battle and the scraping of the armor, through the overlapping layers of metal plates that, when properly tied  to the arming clothes, would protect the knight from anything that could be thrown at him until the introduction of the longbow and firearms.

Each piece of plate is illustrated by translucent overlays that build on one another, so you can see the progression of the knight's arming as he is built up piece by piece, The introduction includes several original illustrations from the period.

The book is bound in beige and brown French marbled paper, which can be seen through the dust jacket, made of the same translucent paper that form the overlays.

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