Gisborne  by Prue Batten

1 1/16" x 3/4"
32 pages, 4 illustrations

A short story by Australian novelist Prue Batten, about one of the Robin Hood legend's baddies, Guy of Gisborne. In the early ballads, Guy is Robin's main antagonist, and may once have a mythic story of his own that was incorporated into the Robin Hood  story. He receives his come-uppance in Childe Ballad #118:

"I dwell by dale and downe," quoth Guye,
"And I have done many a curst turne;
And he that calles me by my right name
Calles me Guye of good Gysborne."

The book is bound in worn black leather with a pattern of raised bands that encircle the book. There is a brass clasp at the waist , attached to the spine with a braided cord.  The illustrations come from The Macclesfield Alphabet Book , a spectacular 15th century pattern book .

Also available in miniature: Gisborne

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