Memories of the Moon

2 3/4" x  1 11/16"
62 pages, 42 illustrations

A book of pictures, lore, scientific information, poetry, aphorisms, and history, about the Moon. The book is laid out like a scrapbook, and each double-page spread is devoted to one of the Moon's 29 days of  life.

Each day's page has a bit of physical information about the Moon, (Eccentricity  0.0549) , a quotation about the Moon, (There is nothing you can see that is not a flower, there is nothing you can think of that is not the moon.)  and an illustration that speaks to or reflects on the sense of the words, in this case a serene cabochon moonstone hovering over a blue brocade background.

As the phases of the Moon progress from waxing to waning, the material turns darker: from nursery rhymes and old sheet music to images of darkness, trouble and death.  At the end, as the moon turns to its next progression, the words and the images become peaceful and hopeful once more.

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