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Mystery Box



A Mysterious Box

2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 1 7/8"

I'm sorry to be so vague about this box and its contents, but they defy all my attempts at explanation. The box itself is constructed of painted wood with raised panels of unpolished black shagreen on four sides and the top. The hardware is of antiqued brass. After that, aside from the obvious fact that the box and its mysterious instruments have some scientific purpose, all is guesswork.

The top lid, removed, has a paper label of "Jos. Nightengale & Sons, Supernatural and Metaphysical Supplies, Ulm, Yorkshire" on the inside. The lid reveals an open box lined with turquoise-colored tiles that contains a scroll with what appears to be an astronomical illustration and text in an unknown tongue.

The interior of the box holds, from left to right:

  - a pull-out platform (mahogany) holding a celestial globe under a glass dome and on a brass base, and a glass bottle with
           silver metallic fittings and a red glass top. The label is indecipherable, but the bottle seems to contain fragments of                        some sort of woody substance.
  - an open mahogany drawer holding five rounded brass containers with wooden stoppers and some file cards.
  - a drawer depending from the roof of the box containing two blank books, one labeled "Aristotle" and the other "Sonnetti por                    Tita". The front of the drawer holds several specimen envelopes, each containing a single aromatic leaf.
  - a glass bottle similar to the one described above, with a brass stopper and containing plant matter.
  - a slender glass and antiqued brass bottle, empty and unlabeled.
  - a similar brass bottle with a matching brass stopper..
  - a silver metallic square bottle, with a removable stopper or applicator with a sharp pointed end.
  - perhaps the most curious object in the collection: a silver metallic and glass hemispherical instrument of unknown                                   purpose with an adjustable and removable lens.

A sectioned drawer at the bottom holds what appear to be specimens of various kinds, including several keys ,a tiny brass bat figurine, some branches of what might be coral, a couple of black shuttlecocks, a metal model of a duck-billed platypus, several gold-colored beads , and other objects.

Most of the instruments and specimens are labeled, but even when  their characters can be read at all. they are not in any language known to me,

So, a mystery. 

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