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Naturalist's Trunk




2 1/8" x 3 1/8" x 1 5/8"

A fully stocked trunk for a Victorian naturalist and botanist. The trunk is made of mahogany covered with tanned chicken skin and fortified with bronze corners, and has a small owner's label in the front.

The trunk contains:
     a box of plant specimens bound in a black and gold. arabesque paper
     two mounted coral specimens, one in a mahogany Riker mount and the other in a round case
     a ceremonial mask encased in a glass dome
     nine (blank) books including Publication Protocols For The Royal Society, Tracking Jungle Predators, Vesey's Dictionary
                   of  tropical Rashes,
and Snakes of Java.
a small working compass
     five tiny bottles contain curious samples
     five test tubes in a black wooden rack holding what might be mysterious seeds, diamonds, granulated gold, and
                    an unidentified crystalline substance
     a mahogany secretaire holding journal, a book of field notes, letters, telegrams, and  P&O Steamer timetable.

This product was added to our catalog October 14, 2016