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Nugget  by Prue Batten

2" x 2 1/2"
36 pages, 7 adorable illustrations

After Australian novelist Prue Batten happened to mention that she had a black wombat on her farm in Tasmania, I challenged her to write a story about him.  This sweet and simple children's story is the result.

Nugget has a pretty good life, really. He has a snug burrow he dug himself and delicious roots and leaves to eat. If it weren't for the teasing and antics of the wallabies, cockatoos, and kookaburras, anyway. And he's a bit lonely. But there's a rumor of another wombat far up the bush track on the other side of the farm. . .

It's a lovely story, told with great gentleness and restraint.  I've illustrated it with pictures of Nugget and his neighbors, and of the night sky he loves so much. There's a marsupial pocket on the back endpaper that holds a map of Nugget's journey.

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