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Orchard of Chance

The Orchard of Chance by Prue Batten

 2 7/8" x 1 7/8"
80 pages, 6 illustrations, one fold-out map
Limited to 100 copies

Once upon a time, a lady fell asleep in a sunny afternoon orchard, and woke up somewhere else . . .

Prue Batten returns to her fairy-land world of Eirie to tell a cautionary tale. Her unnamed heroine awakens in a great, mysterious house filled with dwellers in the Other world, some of whom hunt her, some of whom help her, and some of whom seem to be both enemy and friend. One by one, she eludes them or learns from them, until she is almost within the hunters' grasp . . .

When Prue sent me this story, I was struck with her lovely descriptions, especially of the color and texture of clothing. I wanted so much to design the costumes for this story that I turned this idea into the illustrations for the book.

The book is bound in a pale butter-yellow paper printed with dandelions and Queen Anne's Lace in gold and gray. There is a map of the estate folded into one of the back pages.

Also available in a deluxe edition.

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