Past Dictatees of Fashion



Past Dictates of Fashion

2 5/8" x 2", 78 pages

Poking around in The Public Domain Review (www.publicdomainreview.org), I came upon this gem of future history from The Strand Magazine #30, January, 1893. W. Cade Gall's premise is that a book from a hundred years in the future (“Past Dictates Of Fashion, Cromwell Q. Snyder, 1993) has mysteriously appeared in a gentleman's library. The book's contents, a look back at the last century of fashion, would be, for the reader in 1893, looking forward a hundred years into the future.

Dress and costume carry such a weight of meaning for humanity that playing with ideas of past or future clothing carry with
them our present-day semiotics. This makes Mr. Gall's giddy illustrations so delightful: how much would our idea of what-to-wear have to change to make the uniform of a policeman in 1960 include a tiny asymmetrical fascinator hat (worn on the side of his head so as to avoid the long corkscrew curls on his otherwise bald head?)

I've selected pieces of Dr. Snyder's text to accompany Mr. Gall's costumes, to further the sensation of dropping down a temporal rabbit hole, and possibly back up again.

The book is bound in an Italian print of googles and swirls with a spine of tastful (in the world of Cromwell Q. Snyder) shiny bright orange alligaton skin paper.

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