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Perfumer's Organ



A Perfumer's Organ

5 1/4" x 6 1/2" x 3 1/8"

This primary tool of the perfumer's art is made of cherry with a tung oil finish, and has three ranks holding 61 bottles of different shapes and sizes, made of brass and glass. Two small shelves below the table contain six classics of perfumery including Sawer's Odorographica, Gattafosse's Formulary of Perfumes, and Piesse's Art of Perfumery. There is a brass and jasper balance on the small work surface.

The bottles are labeled with the names of common- (and some uncommon) perfumery ingredients that can almost be smelled just by naming them: jasmine, labdunum, oud, opoponax, artemisia and ambergris.

The books are blank and the bottles empty, but if you'd like to imagine yourself as Mandy Aftel or Ernest Beaux, this is for you.

This product was added to our catalog Janurary 11, 2017