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Three Rats At Sea - An Illuminated Pop-Up Book

2 5/8" x 2 1/4"
14 pages, 8 pop-ups, booklet laid-in

Limited to 50 copies

'Three Rats At Sea' is a product of my love of illuminated manuscripts and their creators. As a maker of miniature books, I can't help feeling a kinship with those anonymous artists of the past (and the present). The detail and imagination of these works is something I have always tried to achieve in my own books, to add dense layers of idea and image to the main story; a counterpoint to the melody.

I've told the story of my three brave rats in three parts. The first is the introductory text: the story, told in a miniature book. The next is the “real” illuminated manuscript from which I took my story and its world, where rats embark upon voyages of adventure. The third is the pop-up version of the tale told by Sir Bruno’s manuscript and its miniatures.

Given time, I’m sure I could bake more layers for this little mock-medieval cake, but for now, here’s the story of brave Sir Bruno, his squire Whitby, their servant Pebble on a voyage at a venture upon the sea.

The book is bound in turquoise and gold Japanese chiyogami paper, with a metallic gold paper spine. There is a a laid-in booklet - 'Mures Ad Mare' (Rats At Sea) and a brass magnetic closure.


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