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 A Red, Red Rose  by Robert Burns

2 1/4" x 2 1/8", 43 pages, one framed enclosure
Published in an edition of 16

 I have rose bushes in the back yard that feel the heat of the Southern California summer. They manage to bloom every so often, but the flowers bake to a crisp by noon. Just before we went to bed one night, my husband pointed out a deep red Chrysler Imperial bud, lovely in the light of the full moon. It would be heart-breakingly beautiful by morning, and then gone. 

My mind was full of the impermanence of things - the mayfly life of the roses, the inconstant moon. But Burns' poem raises the stakes. He compares love to things we never think of as inconstant - geologic time, the very rocks of the earth,and the sea. Love can last longer than we imagine.

 I went out at about midnight and picked the rose, and pressed its petals, and I've included one in a vellum frame on the overleaf of each copy.The book is a sort of accordion structure, with the pages alternating short and long, with alternating lines of the poem on each side against  photographs of one of my Chrysler Imperial roses. The book is bound with the spine on top, and the book unfolds downwards.

The book pages are 28 lb Kelly Digital color copy paper, an the book is bound in a yellow and red marbled paper by Galen Berry. The book has accents of a slightly iridescent deep rose colored paper on  the spine and the lining.

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