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Soul of the Air




The Soul of the Air - An Illustrated Version of the Beaufort Wind Scale

2 3/4" x 2 3/8"
46 pages, 12  fold-outs

Rear Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort, (1774-1857) had no notion of poetry when he devised his long-needed standardized scale for the effect of wind on sailing ships, but his descriptions have a beauty and clarity that come close to it:

"Surface smooth and mirror-like.
Smoke rises vertically.

Scaly ripples, no foam crests.
Smoke drift indicates wind direction,
Still wind vanes."

I've paired Beaufort's poetic descriptions with land (and sea-) scape paintings that illustrate his wind levels, with technical details on the back of each fold out page. The fold-outs have tiny tabs to pull out the pages.

The book is printed on Monarch Superfine paper in UnZialish and Tempus Sans fonts, and is bound in black watered satin cloth with endpapers of blue and silver Japanese paper. There are paper titles on the front and spine.

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