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A Medieval Treasure Binding

The book is 2 1/4" x 1 1/2", 94 pages

Treasure bindings, or jeweled bindings, were a luxury of the Middle Ages, often commissioned by rich nobles, senior clergy, or royalty, usually as presentation copies. They were encrusted with mosaics, ivory, gems, and gold or silver inlays. In most cases the book was bound and the decoration was applied as a separate panel. Very few have survived, since the value of the gems and precious metals were irresistible when times were hard at the abbey or the book was looted as a prize of war.

I've taken the form and reproduced it in miniature, although the materials I've used are not so costly as the originals. The book is bound in black leather, and the covers are embellished with antique brass and copper,, and opalescent glass beads on a ground of metallic red and gold paper. The interior text is the first two books of the Old Testament from the famous bible (begun in 1461) commissioned by Borso d'Este, first Duke of Fererra  in his attempt to one-up the House of Medici.

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