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A Vampire Hunter's Trunk

2" x 3 1/4" x 2"

A somber and completely equipt Victorian vampire hunter's kit, housed in a painted wood and leather trunk. The black trunk has a stingray chagrin top and silvered brass bat and cross closure. The interior is also painted black and has several removable  interior compartments.

In a leather band in the trunk's lid are four (blank) classic books on vampire hunting. In the body of the trunk are a secretaire with some letters and telegrams, a pair of spectacles, and a tiny magnifying glass. A tool box contains a rack of test tubes with blood samples in varying colors, a pistol and a glass bottle filled with silver bullets, a pair of binoculars, a mirror (for vampire detection), a silver cross (for vampire repelling) and a bottle of holy water.

The trunk also holds a set of three matching card boxes for the respected French firm of A. Gaiffe , one holding a set of four deluxe brass and wood stakes, the others a compass and a tissue-wrapped head of allium sativum.

This product was added to our catalog March 26. 2018